We are Gideon Wagner and Sam Harley and we work together as The Lawyer and The Draper. We’ve played with artists as varied as Shirley Bassey and Sham 69, Tim Hardin, Can, The Rumour, Marc Bolan, David Gilmour, Charlie Ainley, Marcus Foster, Hugh Harris and The Act. Gideon also wrote music for Nick Roeg's film 'Puffball'.

This site features tracks from our latest collection “Devil Gonna Eat Your Children”, along with a selection of previous albums. All tracks are free to listen to or download.

Our latest work is tinged with the political, but not without humour, or forgetting that people want to be entertained. We take our agenda seriously, but not ourselves; we regret the way our society is falling apart: we mourn the loss of kindness and consideration: we despair of the deceit that pervades every part of the public discourse – but we also like to take the piss out of anything that comes in range.

Our music reflects all the influences of long and varied careers. With backing from excellent multi-instrumental musicians, we rock and plead, bend the rules and break them, caress and confuse and lift and amuse, as we catalogue a range of ills that we need to sort out before they get sorted out at our expense: it isn’t just the climate that needs to change.

Things are bad. We don’t have the answers, but we can start by singing the right questions. There is hope: we’re just the latest version. Don’t go round in circles – the revolutions start here.